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Peoples Bank; Carolina Elite Builders LLC; Southern Forest Products, Inc.; Piedmont Companies, Inc.; Bank OZK; First Federal Savings Bank of Lincolnton; Robinson Builders-Mart of Newton, Inc.; Piedmont Mutual Insurance Company; Beam Pharmacies, Inc.; Times Oil Corporation; Glen Oaks Golf Club; Lincoln Country Club; Risk Management Advisors, LLC; Investors Title Insurance Company; Lawyer’s Mutual; HRN Broadcasting, Inc.; Race City Steel, Inc.; DuGaren Venues & Vineyards, LLC; Southern Elite Steel LLC; Strategic Risk Solutions (Vermont) Ltd.

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Improve the world because unprecedented challenge indicators global.

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Improve the world because unprecedented challenge indicators global.

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  • Specialized, high level legal service

    We provide specialized services that are usually only found in larger firms located directly in the cities. In today’s digital age, legal excellence should not be constrained to skyscrapers in urban jungles.

  • Client responsiveness

    We invite you to contact our clients. They will tell you that our firm offers the highest level of responsiveness to their needs.

  • Competitive and fair fees

    We have no desire to be a cut-rate law firm, and are not the cheapest attorneys you can hire. However, we offer fair pricing that competes with and often surpasses the rates of firms offering similar services.

  • Breaking new ground

    We are not afraid to try something new, or to break new ground. The practice of law should not consist simply of routinely doing the same repetitive motions. Sometimes, our clients need us to enter into a new legal field to help their business. And we’re willing to do it.


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Solve Your Cases
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Solve Your Cases
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Our Services

Comprehensive Legal Solutions: Trust our experienced team at Deaton Law Firm to handle your legal matters with expertise and dedication. From litigation to transactional services, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Explore our wide range of services and let us guide you through every step of the legal process.

Corporate / Business Law

The Deaton Law Firm represents insurance companies corporately on a regular basis, providing consultation and legal assistance in the State insurance law regulatory compliance, Corporate regulation and administration, Policy coverage issues etc.

Estate Planning And Probate

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Commercial Real Estate

As part of its practice, the Deaton Law Firm handles commercial real estate transactions, representing clients in the Purchase, sale and finance of commercial real estate, Negotiating contracts, Preparing easements and regime documents and Title research.

Captive Insurance

In 2013, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted the North Carolina Captive Insurance Act, and since that time, North Carolina has quickly become a frontrunner and a jurisdiction of choice in the captive insurance industry.

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Areas of Practice

Captive insurance law

Corporate insurance law

Local government law

Commercial real estate

Second citizenship and international residency

Mergers, acquisitions and transactional law

Banking law and creditor's rights

Corporate formation, limited liability companies, specialized entities

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Discover what our clients have to say about their experiences with Deaton Law Firm. From successful outcomes to compassionate support, our clients share their stories of satisfaction and trust. Read on to learn how we’ve made a difference and why you can rely on us for your legal needs.

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